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Why You Need an Ultrasound Before You Decide

A positive pregnancy test (including a home test) is an indication of pregnancy, but not a confirmation. An ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy and it can indicate how far along you are by using measurements to estimate the gestational age of the fetus.

If you have a positive pregnancy test at our center, medical personnel will determine if you are eligible for a limited obstetrical ultrasound.

What Does an Obstetric Ultrasound Do?

In most cases, limited obstetrical ultrasound can determine:

  • The location of the pregnancy. A pregnancy outside the uterus is a medical emergency.

  • Viability of the pregnancy. Does the fetus have a heartbeat?

  • Is the pregnancy a single gestation or multiples?

If you are considering an abortion, an ultrasound should be performed to determine how far along you are and will determine the cost of the abortion and if you qualify for the abortion pill. (At an abortion clinic, they can charge $300-$400.) Our ultrasounds, as well as the rest of our services, are free.

If you are considering making an adoption plan or desiring to parent your child, an ultrasound may not be required by your doctor but it can be a crucial part of your prenatal plan.

What Can I Expect?

At your first appointment, we will provide a free pregnancy test at our center. Depending on your last known period (LMP) and our availability, we will either perform an ultrasound during your appointment or schedule one for a future date.

Before your ultrasound appointment, the nurse may direct you to drink several glasses of water to ensure a full bladder. This can help our medical personnel see more clearly during an transvaginal ultrasound.

You can also talk about your medical history, pregnancy concerns, or ask questions about the abortion pill or the various types of surgical abortions.

What’s Next?

Request an appointment for a free pregnancy test appointment, and find out if you qualify for a limited obstetrical ultrasound,

If the test is positive, we will schedule an ultrasound and talk about all your options.

Note: We do not perform ultrasounds to determine the gender of the fetus.



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