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Considering Adoption?

While adoption may not be something you have thought of, it is an option to consider during an unexpected pregnancy. At your pregnancy confirmation appointment, we can provide you with information while you decide if adoption is right for you. 


While we are not an adoption agency, we can help you explore the options available to you, from the type of plan to the type of family you want your child to have. Some of the different types of adoption plans include open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. When the birth mom makes an adoption plan, she (and the birth father) can both choose a family for the child and choose their own future. You decide who adopts your baby, what happens at the hospital and future contact.

Adoption resources

In many cases, financial assistance for medical and living expenses, such as rent, food and maternity clothes is available for the birth mother, along with other benefits. 

If you decide that adoption might be a good choice for you, we can provide you with a list of referrals of adoption agencies, so you can research this option more thoroughly.

Make an appointment today to confirm your pregnancy and learn more about your pregnancy options so you can make a fully informed choice.

Adoption Referral Services

Have you considered the Adoption Option?

Learn more about open, closed, and semi-open adoptions and your legal rights in New Hampshire

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